Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reed Turns Two!!

So, the little Jojo's Circus freak is now officially in the "terrible two's". Seriously, I'd like to know who decided that two is the only age they're terrible. I think Reed may have been ahead of the curve. We had a great time with a couple of friends and of course Nonna, Dodo, and Aunt Lulu. And we missed everybody from "the farm". Here are some pics to show how much Reed enjoyed his day. Kudos to Tony for the cake...I have to admit I had my doubts.

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Angelo said...

Look at that boys swing! Great turn...lots of coil, he's really getting to his left side. The swing plane is a bit flat, he must have been watching his dad swing lately..., perhaps he should watch his grand-dad's swing it would be better for him. :-)