Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catch up

Ok, so I know it's been 2 months since the last posting, so let me catch ya'll up. Mason turned 4 on Nov 13th and had his "bug party", which included a dirt cake (thanks to Aunt Lulu), a bug hunt with magnifying glasses, and who can forget the bouncy castle. Then we went up north to Maryland to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving. We even stopped in North Carolina for a night with friends so Mason had his first sleepover with a buddy. Granted, Tony had to sleep on the blowup mattress next to them because they lasted about 2 minutes in the room by themselves. Anyway, on to "the farm" we went and the boys had a great time playing outside all day long (day after day) with their cousins. We visited Mr. Charlie and Ms. Virginia (Dodo's friends) and Mason got to drive a tractor and ride a horse all in one day. After leaving, he told us raising and lowering the tractor bucket was his favorite part of the whole trip, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before one of his grandparents buys him one. When we got home, Mason finished up his season of flag football and we started getting ready for Christmas. We tried to start some family traditions of our own (and when I say "we", I mean Jaime) so we headed out 40 miles to the nearest tree farm to get our Christmas tree. It was 90 degrees, Tony was shocked (and mad) that we had to cut the tree ourselves, Mason was complaining that he didn't care which tree we got because Mommy was the one that wanted to come here, Reed was trying to eat dirt every time we put him down, everyone was SWEATING and Jaime was starting to cry because every tree was either 3 feet tall or 13 feet tall and all she wanted was a NICE FAMILY TRADITION!!!! So we left without a tree. Ok, so then Christmas came around and we had a great day at home and at Nonna's house. Two days later, we all went to visit family in Alabama, where the boys had a blast playing with cousins from Tony's side of the family. We also checked out the airplane museum in Pensacola and got some good pics of Mason as a pilot of a Blue Angel. That brings us into January. We headed over to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Reed performed all of his animal noises (and charades) for anyone that would listen. He is quite the performer these days. But don't worry...neither one of the boys is about to be upstaged by the other....not sure where they get that from.